Dear colleagues

We are honored and pleased to inform you “6th International Plant Science and Technology Congress” included many diverse and useful topics in the field of plant science and technology, which will be held on 10-12 November 2023 Online via Zoom.

It is our great pleasure to welcome and invite you to be a part of this global effort by joining us at IPSAT 2023, where scientists and researchers contribute their papers with the aim to share and promote the latest findings in the congress fields.

We hope to work together towards a sustainable condition for the planet and proper and healthy use of plants to meet human needs.

IPSAT 2023 promises to be an outstanding event and we look forward to a positive reply and cooperation.

Best regards:

On the behalf of the Scientific-organizational committee of the congress,

Prof. Dr. Filiz Vardar,
Chair of 
Marmara University

6th International Plant Science and Technology Congress


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