Dear colleagues

It is our distinct honor and privilege to apprise you of the forthcoming "7th International Plant Science and Technology Congress" a pinnacle event in the realm of biological sciences. Scheduled to transpire from the 24th to the 26th of October 2024, this congress will be conducted both face to face and online via the Zoom platform.

With meticulous curation, we have woven together a tapestry of scholarly discussions encompassing a diverse spectrum of plant science and technology topics. In light of this, we extend a gracious invitation for your esteemed presence. Your erudition and insights are indispensable as we collectively endeavor to unravel the enigmas of the botanical world, fostering advancements that resonate on a global scale.

Your participation would indubitably serve to enrich the scholarly discourse, ushering us towards innovative horizons and sustainable paradigms. We look forward to your affirmative response, envisioning a convergence of intellects dedicated to propelling the frontiers of plant science and technology towards new thresholds of excellence.

With highest regards,

Prof. Dr. Neslihan KARAVİN
Chair of Congress 
Amasya University

7th International Plant Science and Technology Congress


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